Meet Our Team

Your partner in wellness, our Care Specialists & Patient Care Advocates are here to help patients with chronic conditions thrive in their health. Get to know the dedicated team that makes up HealthWatch.

Care Specialists


As Supervisor of the HealthWatch team, Beth loves working with her team to set and reach new goals each month. Outside of her role as Care Specialist, Beth loves to camp with her husband and two kids, and can often be found cheering her kids’ on at their various sports games.


A dedicated Care Specialist, Ashley loves helping people & starting new patients on their wellness journey. As a cooking enthusiast, Ashely loves to grill up her favorite food – chicken! Ashley also enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family or simply driving around in her Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.


Charlotta loves getting to work with her patients one-on-one, especially when she hears their progress updates during their monthly check-in calls. When not in the office, Charlotta can be found playing with her two kiddos or unleashing her creativity in a new painting or pottery project.


Building a personal connection with her patients is the number one priority for Karen. Outside of working with her patients, Karen spends a lot of time with her two boys. From going to a movie or hanging out at home, Karen loves making memories with her family!


As a Care Specialist, creating a personal relationship with her patients and watching them transform their health is the best part of the job for Kayla. A seasoned crafter, Kayla often spends her free time creating a variety of projects with her own personal touch.


Learning something new each day and the fast-paced workplace is what Lonisha loves most about her job as a Care Specialist. Outside of the office, Lonisha has a variety of interests including listening to music, creating nail artwork and spending time with her family.


Marisa loves providing care to each and every patient she interacts with and helping them in any way she can. When not at work Marisa is often outdoors either hiking, fishing or camping. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter including swimming or taking a trip to the zoo!


With over 8 years of experience, Tanna brings a great depth of knowledge, and passion for a healthy lifestyle, to her HealthWatch patients. When not at work, Tanna can often be found outside with her husband and kids either participating in a 5k or watching her kids’ sports games.


Connecting with patients and integrating new medical knowledge into patient care plans is what Nikki loves the most about her role as a Care Specialist. Outside of work, Nikki loves spending time with her friends and family, especially boating during the hot summer months.


Rachael loves her job as a Care Specialist, mainly because it allows her the chance to build a personal relationship with her patients and watch them transform their health. When not at work Rachel can be found spending time with her greatest source of joy – her 3-year-old son.


The team environment at HealthWatch is unlike anything else Sarah’s ever experienced and is her favorite part of the job! Another one of Sarah’s favorites is her daughter. When not in the office they often go for a walk, watch a movie or simply spend time together creating memories.


Ronni loves her job in the healthcare field, as she has a passion for helping people. Outside of work, Ronni loves to express her creativity through a variety of hobbies such as canvas painting and ceramics. If it’s fall, Ronni’s favorite season, you’ll often find her cheering on her football team or getting ready for her favorite holiday – Halloween!


Kayla became a Medial Assistant in 2014 when she started work at Community North in the OBGYN office.  Her desire to continue her career was born from her love of helping people and feeling like she makes a difference.  She enjoys her job at HealthWatch because she has the ability to follow her patients month to month and make sure they are doing well which is very satisfying for her. 


Hailey wholeheartedly loves her job in the healthcare field, especially being a Care Specialist at HealthWatch. Outside of working at HealthWatch, Hailey spends much of her time going to batting cages to practice her swing since she spent 15 years playing softball. Hailey also enjoys hanging out with her friends and family or taking a weekend trip somewhere to explore new places.


Helping her patients and building a real relationship with them is Darian’s greatest joy as a Care Specialist. Outside of work, Darian is extremely artistic and loves to work on projects. You’ll often find her either painting, writing music or singing her own written songs in her free time.


Katie is grateful to be a part of the HealthWatch team, as she loves being able to help her patients and make the world a better place. When not in the office, Katie can often be found hanging out with her husband or indulging in her favorite activity – fishing! Katie also enjoys spending time with her family watching her nieces and nephews play various sports games.


Miranda has been a Medical Assistant for 8 years and became one because she simply loves helping people.  She enjoys her job at HealthWatch because she is able to get to know her patients on a more personal level while carrying out her professional duties. She loves being part of  team of people who are making a difference in the lives of their patients.   


With over 8 years of experience, Brittany enjoys working in the medical field and helping patients through their monthly phone check-ins. Outside of work, one of Brittany’s passions is travel – some of her favorite past trips include NYC and Florida. Brittany also loves spending time with her 3 kids and making memories whenever possible.


With over 6 years of medical assisting experience, Sarah enjoys the ability to help improve patient lives through month-to-month phone calls.  When she’s not in the office, Sarah is most often spending time with her children at the zoo, seeing movies or simply being at home making her favorite food, pasta! Sarah enjoys the memories she gets to make with family.


As a vibrant part of the team, Maria is excited to be your Care Specialist. She especially enjoys helping her patients to understand their health and checking in with them month-to-month. When not in the office, Maria can be found doing a variety of things from listening to podcasts to indulging in her favorite food, pizza!  Maria also enjoys spending time with her husband and baby girl.

Patient Care Advocates


Kaitlyn enjoys her job at HealthWatch because she loves working with patients and finding new ways to help them in their wellness journey. Along with creating solutions for her patients, Kaitlyn enjoys making her own creations on the weekends through cooking, crocheting & crafting. In her free time, Kaitlyn likes to explore new places and cities with her boyfriend and friends.


Watching patients benefit from continued care management is what drew Katie to working at HealthWatch as a Patient Care Advocate. When not communicating with patients, Katie can be found walking her dog, spending time with family and completing puzzles. When the weather allows, Katie likes to take in the fresh snow through her favorite sport – snowboarding.


Brooke loves being a Patient Care Advocate because she believes that the HealthWatch program is a great way to enable those with serious conditions to live independent, healthy lives while working towards better health goals. When not in the office, Brooke can often be found spending time with her boyfriend and playing with their puppy, Titan.


Lillian loves her job at HealthWatch due to her love for the healthcare industry and helping people. When not in the office, Lillian can often be found dancing as she has practiced dance for the past 17 years and believes it is both fun and beautiful. Lillian also loves to hang out with friends, whether that is grabbing sushi or just relaxing and spending time together.