Patient Care Coordination Program

What is HealthWatch

HealthWatch works directly with physicians to help their patients reach their wellness goals and improve their overall health. Your physician has partnered with us as an extension of their practice to provide Enhanced Care services to you. We strive to bridge communication gaps between patients and providers while improving care coordination. Utilizing telehealth technologies, we help manage symptoms, treatment goals and reduce barriers to care without taking up your valuable time.

How it Works

As a member of the program you will receive monthly telephone checkups with a Certified Enhanced Care Team Member. Research has shown that frequent interactions with a dedicated care team improves overall health and wellness, while helping patients avoid hospital stays and high out-of-pocket expenses. Telephone checkups are an effective way to monitor your care plan, medications, and any new symptoms or health concerns you may have. You will also receive prescription discounts when available, lifestyle tips and tricks, and information on diet, exercise and sleep. Our care team’s sole objective is to help you be the best version of yourself every single day.

A Partner in Healthcare

Oftentimes, when managing healthcare concerns you may feel overwhelmed and alone. It’s estimated that within the U.S. 117 million adults have one or more eligible conditions. That means 91% of your peers have at least 1 chronic eligible condition and 75% have at least 2 eligible conditions. The good news is that people with chronic diseases who learn how to manage their symptoms can improve their quality of life and reduce their healthcare costs. HealthWatch is excited to be your partner in reaching these goals.

Qualifying for HealthWatch

Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions are eligible for the HealthWatch program through their primary family physician. There are a variety of qualifying conditions HealthWatch Care Specialists consult their patients on, such as:


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