Chronic Care Management

What Exactly is Chronic Care Management?

In January of 2015, Medicare began paying providers under the CPT code 99490 for minimum of 20 minutes monthly of non face-to-face chronic care management services delivered by a qualified healthcare professional for eligible patients.

CMS Eligible Providers Include


Advanced Practice Nurses

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Physician Assistants

Chronic Care Management Services for Providers

Working as an extension of your office, HealthWatch helps you reach more chronically ill patients without the added stress of office time or startup costs. Patients receive a variety of services personalized towards their specific condition(s). Care Specialists provide patients with guidance throughout their healthcare journey while you get a full scope of the health of your chronically ill patients.

Know the Facts

Chronic Conditions Account for:

Hospital Admissions
Prescriptions Filled
Physicians Visits

HealthWatch Services

1:1 Patient Conversations

Our team of experts will serve as an extension of your practice, handling each patient interaction with the same personal touch your in-house staff would. Your patients will have a designated care team member who will address medical, functional and psychosocial needs during our systematic assessment.

Reviewing Personalized Care Plan

Our dedicated care team will review your personalized care plan with each qualified patient to confirm their understanding and establish the patient’s compliance through self-management. We will also ensure proper understanding of care transitions including referrals to other clinicians and discharge from any healthcare facility.

Chronic Condition Tailored Education

HealthWatch will deliver preventative and educational materials in a timely manner to qualified patients regarding their individual chronic illnesses, making certain those materials are received, reviewed and understood.

Online Care Management Portal

Your patients will be able to review their care plan and easily share it electronically with all participating caregivers and providers. They will also have 24/7 access with the ability to send you enhanced communications through personalized messages and schedule their next appointments as needed.

Medication Reconciliations

Our dedicated care team will create the most accurate list possible of all medications your patient is taking, including drug name, dosage, frequency and route, for comparison against your admission, transfer and/or discharge orders to ensure correct medications are being used by the patient at all times.

Obtain Basic Vitals

Obtaining accurate vitals such as weight, blood pressure, etc., is a critical component in the continuum of care for each patient.

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