Remote Patient Monitoring

Extend Your Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

Extend your care outside of traditional appointments with a full-service remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution. Improve health outcomes and keep your patients engaged in their health and your practice, all while driving a whole new revenue stream. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

A digital health solution that captures and records patient physiologic data outside of a traditional health care environment.

(American Medical Association)

Know the Facts

Chronic Conditions Account for:


of patients reported that they would adopt RPM devices and would be welcome in their chronic disease management plans.

(JAMA Network Open)


reduction in both hospital admissions and hospital length of stay was reported for patients of all disease conditions utilizing RPM.

(British Medical Journal)


of physicians see RPM as an effective tool for their daily practice.


Enrollment & Provision

We identify and enroll eligible patients, obtain consent, and distribute support cellular-enabled health devices.

Care Plan & Patient Education

We work with practices to create custom care plans, establish patient goals and engagement plans, and provide device and application education. 

Engagement & Measuring

We engage patients daily to record readings and symptoms and ensure the patient remains compliant. 

Monitoring & Management

We monitor patient measures and other alerts, communicate with patients, and escalate issues to the provider based on protocols.

& Claims
We document all care provided, report symptom details and measures throughout the month, and share information including claims or billing reports for eligible patient services.

RPM Made Easy

Our RPM team works on behalf of your practice to consume 100% of the responsibility and effort. Your patients can feel comfortable knowing we work directly with you to provide high quality care from start to finish.

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